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Welcome to provide samples (real samples or reference samples of other materials), mold drawings (STP / 3D / 2D / PDF files, etc.), pattern files (PDF / AI, etc.) for processing and customizing melamine tableware
Cooperation mode and commitment
Cooperation Mode
1. Sample processing: the customer provides samples, and the factory draws (draws) drawings according to the customer's sample requirements, develops molds, makes plates and coloring colors, prints, making samples, producing, packaging and delivering the finished products.

2. Drawing processing: the customer provides the design drawings, and the factory confirms the mold drawing before making samples.
3. OEM: use the existing mold of the factory and the surface of the product prints the pattern required by the customer. The producing process can be high-temperature coloring printing or silk screen printing / pad printing / heat transfer printing / painting, etc. The bottom can be engraved with the customer's logo. The color of the raw materials can also be specified by the customer.
4. ODM: the customer provides the requirements, designs the drawings and confirms the mold opening or pattern of paper.

Cost Description:
1. The specific processing fee or product unit price shall be quoted according to the actual product shape / size / weight / production requirements / packaging requirements.

2. Mold cost:

  • Ordinary melamine dishes, bowls, cups, trays and other melamine tableware, estimated mold cost: RMB 6500-7500.
  • For special melamine dishes, bowls, cups, trays, forks, spoons, ashtrays and other melamine tableware, the mold cost is estimated to be about RMB 6500-7500.
  • For special-shaped products, functional accessories and special products, the mold cost shall be quoted according to the actual products or drawings.

3. Paper plate fee: RMB 600 for one color and RMB 1800 for common CMYK four color printing. If spot color printing is done, try not to exceed 8 spot colors.
4. Silk-screen printing plate fee: RMB400 one color.

Pattern making and sample making: 6-8 days; mold making: 12-14 days.

Factory Commitment:
1. Sign a contract with the customer and strictly follow the customer's requirements.
2. It must be confirmed by the customer before opening, printing and production.
3. The factory strictly follows the characteristics of melamine material, product structure, control molding temperature, molding time, production process, and will never cut corners.
4. Complete inspection of finished products. If the products are unqualified, the quantity of scrapped parts shall be strictly controlled to ensure that the products meet the requirements of customers and all kinds of testing standards.
5. If there is any quality problem in the product delivery, it is the factory's responsibility to confirm. The factory is responsible for returning the goods, and compensate the customer for the corresponding losses.