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Melamine Tableware (A5) Production Process

May 10, 2022

Melamine Tableware (A5) Production Process


1. Heating: Use a special box to weigh the dose of powder required. Evenly heat it and transform the powder as cake-like material.


2. Shaping: Pour the material into the mold, and shape it at high temperature and pressure.


3. Decorating: Cut the decal that has been brushed with glazing powder according to the design. Then paste it on the tableware as required. Finally, its beautiful pattern will be printed by machine on the surface of the tableware.


4. Glazing: Evenly sprinkle glazing powder on the surface of the tableware. (Notice that the measure of the powder should be precise, otherwise it will deeply affect the gloss of the products.) Then send them to the heating machine. Under high temperature and pressure, the tableware will be more solid and has a porcelain-like luster.​


5. Polishing: Now the products need to be ground and polished because they still have some excrescence, which is not ready to serve people as decorative tableware. In Polish, the appearance of the product will be much enhanced.​​


6. Inspecting and packaging: After the product has been ground and polished, it is time to check if the products have quality problems. To ensure their quality, there will be several rounds of inspection until the unqualified products are picked out and put into the warehouse for further study.


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